Natural Gas Measurement Equipment, Sales & Service

Carl Poe Company has been in the Natural Gas Measurement Industry for over 50 Years, offering NIST Calibration and Gas Meter Repair Services.

At our facility in Houston, TX, we have the capability to repair, rebuild, and calibrate most types and sizes of gas meters. 

Rotary, turbine, and large diaphragm meters are calibrated with our
Dresser Model 5 Transfer prover while domestic and medium sized meters are calibrated on our American SNAP provers.  Wet Test and Dry Test Meters are calibrated using one of our two, five or ten foot American Bell provers.  Our calibration equipment is traceable to NIST.

With our considerable experience, trained personnel and state of the art proving equipment we offer dependable quality and quick turnaround.

Dresser Model 5 Transfer Prover

For Repair Services, please send your gas meter to our repair facility in Houston, TX, at the address below.  A "Return Authorization" is not needed, simply enclose your purchase order and any instructions inside the package.  Please include a contact name and phone number.

For Repairs, Send your meters to:

4600 Allen St.
Houston, TX 77007
Please include your name and phone number with any instructions in package with meters.

Phone: 713-861-3816
Fax: 713-861-8299

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